The Alab Concept Sweets and Roastery was established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and created its first brand “TheKakaoGuy”.

Who are we?
The KakaoGuy is your go-to person for your chocolates and sweet fix. We are the first Local Nama Chocolate Shop in Dubai and the first to make burnt cheesecake in different flavours. Our brand was born out of our desire to provide quality desserts at a price that won’t break the bank. We offer affordable indulgence- we believe everyone should be able to celebrate small or big wins or satisfy sweet cravings without spending a fortune.
Our products are continuously evolving, just like the City of Dubai where these ideas were brought to life. Each chocolate, cakes, and sweets we make are born out of our passion for creating something new and our version of these timeless treats.

UBE Basque
Burnt Cheesecake

UBE Basque Burnt Cheesecake. The real deal! Made of real ube halaya (jam) this cheesecake has a creamy , milkysweet flavour.

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Burnt Lemon Cheesecake

When life throws you lemon, make not just an ordinary cheesecake but a burnt one.
Lemon Basque Burnt Cheesecake, indulgently zesty and creamy.
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UBE Basque Burnt Cheesecake

The real deal! Made of real ube halaya (jam) this cheesecake has a creamy , milkysweet flavour.

All-in-one Cookies

Nutty, chocolatey, chewy, crackly bittersweet flourless treat with 3 kinds of chocolates. These are the only cookies you will ever need.

Coffee Keto Cheesecake

Our alternative version of our Coffee Mocha Burnt Cheesecake. Same creamy goodness with a kick ; less the guilt. Get yours now.

Coffee mocha cheesecake

Combining two of your favourite pair into one, layers of coffee and mocha cheesecake for the coffee lovers.

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We create delicious keto foods for you.

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